Welcome to MapleWishes

What inspired MapleWishes?

We call Ottawa, Ontario & Chelsea, Quebec home, so we naturally regard them with affection.  The element of community is evident in both - from our elementary and middle school dynamics to the functioning of the cities as a whole. Though the idea of “community” is a broad one, we have come to appreciate that in this day and age - where individuals hustle to fulfil their own schedules and aspirations - it is a very precious thing. 

We have a genuine interest in community service.  MapleWishes is an extension of our desire to invest in our communities - a platform upon which 11 campaigns of service are to be planned, organized and executed over our middle and high school years. These projects span a variety of issues that are close to our hearts, and are either awareness or fundraising based.  As mentioned, Ottawa & Chelsea are relatively communal towns where not only is it easy to identify problems, but equally possible to identify strategies aimed at resolving them. It is not difficult to be involved from a service perspective and the small sizes of Ottawa & Chelsea allow one to be easily acquainted with like minded people.

Why is MapleWishes important to us?

Altruism is the desire to set aside urges of self preservation and instead aid someone else. It forms stable relationships between people, fuelling healthy communities. Naturally, this idea is key to the success of a nation, and it begins on a minute level in the exchanges between two individuals.

What we aim to do is not particularly extravagant.  It is based upon a selection of projects targeting problems we see locally. Our goal is to inspire others to invest in their communities and be altruistic. As two privileged girls and civilians of our society, we feel it is our responsibility to give back to our communities in some way.  MapleWishes and it's mission is the way we intend to accomplish this.


"Inspiring one another to leave positive and enduring footsteps in our wakes..."