You can help kids in Mississippi Mills realize their potential.

Join Al & his family in supporting the youth of Mississippi Mills

Al has dedicated much of his life to community service. From a career in innovating playstructures to a home that welcomed neighbours everyday - Al has demonstrated community leadership every step of the way.

The Potvin family has supported countless fundraising and volunteer initiatives for local charities.  Now it's Al's turn to ask you for support to help empower the youth of Mississippi Mills.  

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Where is Mississippi Mills?

Mississippi Mills is located just West of Ottawa, in the middle of some of the most beautiful natural environments in Lanark County. It consists of the communities of Almonte, Appleton, Blakeney, Clayton, Ramsay and Pakenham.

With its small town charm and sense of community, life in Mississippi Mills is guided by a warm spirit of pride and cooperation. Here, people appreciate each other and understand the importance of neighborliness, support, and friendship. 

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The Al Potvin Family Foundation - Our Mission

The Al Potvin Family Foundation‘s mission is to empower children and youth in Mississippi Mills to realize their potential.

The foundation’s funding interests are within the area of educational opportunity and non-judgemental support for local children and youth. There are three categories of funding including:

  • Academic tutoring
  • Counselling
  • Life Opportunities